Jodo is a martial art first and foremost. A hit with a Jo (wooden stick) or a bokken (wooden sword) can cause injury. Jodo is practiced with a partner without any protective gear. You will be taught how to respect each other's safety and your responsibilities with managing a weapon.

Your main objective in Jodo is not to get cut or hit. You will learn how to maneuver your way around the attack of an oncoming sword or Jo in order to keep yourself out of danger. You will also learn vital target points and how to strike your attacker whilst evading at the same time. Your peripheral vision will also develop and you will have the ability to see an oncoming attack earlier.

Jodo teaches you self discipline, respect and alertness. You will sharpen your reflexes, learn how to co-ordinate your whole body to move with speed and agility. You will develop your confidence and ability to rely on yourself.