Training Fees

Our group is totally non profit and all fees go toward hall rental, insurance and other operational costs.

Initially you will need to watch a class in full to see if what we are doing is what you wish to do.
Minimum Age requirements: 16

Beginning Package: 8 weeks / 1.5 hours - $120.00 . Upon completion normal membership and quarterly fees apply.

Insurance & Membership: Payable by all practitioners - permanent or casual

Annual Fee $80.00
If start after Jan 1 - $40.00

Fees structure - Payable in advance ie on the 1st week of the month or quarter.

Regular Class
Quarter / Term: $200.00 July 1, Oct 1, Jan 1, April 1.

Monthly : $80.00

Family Members: $180 per person per quarter. ( min 2)

Full Time Students ( under 25 ) & Pensioners: $150 per quarter

Casual class Prepaid Coupons Book; 5 x 2hr Lessons: $100.00 ( Valid 1 year )
Seminars & Private lessons available: Cost on Application.

“Contact us today for more information on classes and to take advantage of our FREE beginners class."